My First Day


Completed child care application turned in with registration fee Updated immunization records ( Physical is required for all children under 30 months) Labeled crib sheet and blanket ( Blankets only allowed if they’re over 1 year) Extra set of clothes First weeks tuition


Feeding schedule Labeled Formula and/or breast milk.
-Labeled baby food
-Labeled bibs
-2 Extra sets of clothes
-1 extra sheet diaper, wipes, and gloves

Potty Training Children

-2 Extra sets of clothes
-Easy Tab pull ups, wipes, and gloves **Please remember to wear clothing that is quickly removed for potty training purposes. (i.e. no onesies or unreachable buttons, no belts, etc…)


Our Gumdrops classroom and Lollipops classroom are the only classes pacifiers are allowed to avoid the spread of contagious disease and cross-contamination.

Sippy Cups

Children 2 years and under are the only age groups where sippy cups are allowed. If your child is over 2 years and arrives at daycare with a sippy, the contents will be poured into a cup for your child. The sippy will be immediately returned to you to take home. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Supplied by Parents

Breast milk, formula, infant food, bottles, sippy cups, diapers, pull-ups, wipes, gloves, pacifiers, sheets, and blankets are to be supplied by the parents. As the seasons’ change, please remember to change out your child’s extra clothes. This is to ensure they will be wearing weather-appropriate attire in the event that they need to be changed. Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings before entering the facility. 

Nap Time

It is a State Requirement that all children in care for more than 4 hours have a designated rest period. We will provide the nap cot for your child during this time. Please send a labeled fitted crib sheet and small blanket ( only if over 1 year ) every Monday. These items will remain at the center during the week. On Friday, please remember to take your child’s bedding home to be washed before you bring them back on Monday. Children are not required to sleep but to rest quietly during this time.

In order to reduce the risk of SIDS, the following rules will be applied:

1. All infants 12 months and under will be placed on their backs to sleep
2. NO pillows, bumper like pads, stuffed animals, or blankets are allowed in the crib.
3. NO pacifiers with stuffed toys attached may be used while sleeping.
4. Your child will be physically touched every 15 min. while sleeping with times documented on a daily sheet.
5. Once an infant can roll over from back to belly, they will be put down on their backs but will be allowed to adopt whatever sleeping position they prefer. A notice of achievement will be placed over their crib.

Contact Us

253 Sam Ridley Pkwy W, Smyrna, TN 37167, United States


(615) 459-2100

Monday – Friday 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM Drop off cut off time is 10 AM